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October 19, 2007

Jedi Knight Chess Variant


Chess is one of the oldest games in the book. Enjoyed by royalty and peasant alike, the rules were set down millennia ago and have changed relatively little since. However, from time to time novel variants on the game have been proposed for the sake of squeezing out further enjoyment. On of my favorites is C. George Boeree’s Hobbit Chess“.

However, I’d like to submit my own take for your playing enjoyment: JEDI-KNIGHT CHESS.

The play mechanics are similar in most aspects to regular chess. The board is set up the same, and all pieces except for the knights move as per usual, and the game is played with the same goal. The difference comes in the knights.


1) Knights may move in their standard “L” shape, consisting of 2 blocks and 1 block in the appropriate directions.

2) In addition, knights may also move in any of the following ways (which one should be decided before the game begins):

A) Knights may move diagonally like a bishop (“Padawan”)

B) Knights may move horizontally/vertically like a Rook (“Jedi-Knight”)

C) Knights may move both diagonally and horizontally/vertically (“Jedi-Master”)


The following suggestions will help keep the pieces balanced:

1) You may limit your movement in any direction to three blocks (as the “L” shape is composed of 3 blocks)

2) You can have one “Padawan” and one “Jedi-Knight” piece, if a means can be devised to tell them apart (marking one or using a piece from a different set).

Please let me know if you enjoyed this variant of the classic game.

This variant is dedicated to Melissa Hunter, who tried to promote all pawns to queens and had chaos ensue.


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